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Ashland SWCD

Ashland SWCD

Established in 1944, Ashland Soil & Water Conservation District is a legally organized subdivision of the state of Ohio government with the same boundaries as Ashland County, Ohio.  The district is responsible for the promotion of the conservation and development of the natural resources within the county with special emphasis on soil and water, and for providing assistance to landowners with the planning and applying conservation practices on their land.

Ashland SWCD has partnered with OPN Seed to bring you a wide variety of native wildflower and grass seeds to help you create natural habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, pollinators and more on your property. No area is too big or small. Seed mixes are available in quantities that cover 250 square feet and up. Pick and choose your favorite wildflowers and native grasses individually or select one of our low growing Eco-Friendly Lawn Alternatives.

When you clicked the link from the Ashland Soil and Water Conservation District website, the promo code needed for your transaction is automatically added at the checkout process. These items below and any other items purchased from OPN Seed's website will help support the efforts of Ashland SWCD. 

Not sure where to start? Contact Us! We're happy to help! 

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Featured Products

Midwest Wildflower Mix
Creating a wildflower garden is easy with the perfect mix of annual and perennial species suitable for sunny locations in the Midwest.
Woodland Edge Seed Packet
Got shade? Plant this packet and your shady spot will transform into a rainbow of colors that only wildflowers can provide.
Ohio Pollinator Oasis Seed Packet
We worked with the Ohio State Beekeepers Association to create a seed packet perfect for beekeepers and non-beekeepers alike!
Pond Edge Mix
Pond edges can lack plant diversity and be prone to erosion. Once established, this mix provides foraging for native bees, helps with soil stabilization and creates interest with beautiful blooms summer through early fall.
Too Wet to Mow Seed Packet
Small, wet areas of your yard are problems no more! One packet of our Too Wet to Mow Mix will cover areas up to 250 square feet.
The "I Have Clay Soil" Seed Mix
Clay soils are a problem no more! This mix of native grasses, sedges and wildflowers can handle less than ideal soil conditions and create long term pollinator habitat.

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