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Barb's OPN Favorites - Her Native Seed Must Haves

January 20, 2020

By: Barb Holtz

Surfing the TV channels this past December for holiday movie viewing, my head spun at the onslaught of "best gift" infomercials or "celebrity holiday must-haves". Who hasnt heard of Oprah's Favorite Things or Ellen's (however many) Days of Giveaways? Then, there it was...the best Christmas movie of all time. The Sound of Music! What? Don't get me wrong. LOVE this flick. It's a classic, but certainly not a Christmas movie. Anyway, I digress.

If Oprah can share favs and Julie Andrews can sing about favs then why not me? So, here you have it. Barb's Favorite Native Seed Things. (No singing...just writing).

Favorite Native Seed Mix

If you have kids, you've been slyly asked, "who's your favorite?" Yes, I'm the one who chose this topic, but how to pick? In naming a favorite mix or kid, the answer is the same: I love them all the same, each with a uniqueness all their own.

Every OPN Seed native seed mix is packed with seed bursting with native plant ambition. Not all packets are created equal. This is key for sowing the right seed combo in varying environmental conditions (wet or dry, partial shade or mostly sunny, septic field or rain garden, seasonal bloom preference). But, hand to the fire, I'd pick Mesic Annual/Perennial Forbs (wildflowers) as my favorite. My only trepidation is the lack of non-forbs. Grasses and and sedges rock not only as landscape additions but as wildlife habitat. However, I'm sticking to the wildflower blend because I'd recommend it to any novice (or experienced) native plant gardener. It packs a punch from spring to fall, covers all the pollinator bases, boasts every blossom color and is perfect for that sunny spot in your yard.

Grasses are great, but I've talked to many a person at an event table about them. Native grasses cast a little fear in folks. I think it's the grass = lawn paradigm Americans have embraced since the 1940s. If you can't mow it, it must be wacky. Here's the beauty of the wildflower seed mix I chose - buy a grass species separately and add it to the mix yourself. Which grass? We'll chat about that in my next post. Stay tuned!

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