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BEE Our Guest: A Closer Look

August 26, 2019

By: Barb Holtz

If you've ever had a home near yours go up for sale, then you know that curiosity of who's looking sets in. It's instinctual. With whom we will share our daily doings? As you invite native plants into your yard, be curious! Hang out in the 'hood and meet the new neighbors. I can guarantee that increasing native plant diversity in your landscape will invite a myriad of winged guests to your garden.

Some guests just belly up to the blossom bar the minute they arrive, sampling all the refreshments one has to offer. Head first into the flower tube, sweetness awaits the dip of a bee tongue.

Bee on Blue Lobelia

This bumblebee totes snacks for later as seen in the pollen-laden baskets on each rear leg.

bumblebee tongue

Bumblebee tongues have bristles on either side that trap nectar between them. Pulling the tongue back into the mouth affords a sugary drink.

Diversity is key to feed every bee appetite and unique bee species and OPN Seed is proud to support bee populations. Want to sow a honey of a party in your yard? Check out all of our bee friendly mixes!

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