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Beyond the Fog

March 4, 2019

By: Barb Holtz

Winter is fickle this year. Or is it? We northeast Ohioians treat winter like childbirth, painful then forgotten until next time. From bone-chilling cold to mid-season thaw, the scene out the window is anyone's guess. But do look out the window. Enjoy the wide artisitic style of Mother Nature's renderings.

Not long ago, I stepped along the stone OPN Seed drive headed to the barn. A glance right brought a magnificent view of the prairie draped in mid-winter fog. I could make out the first flank of grass soldiers at attention with the forest edge, like the castle wall, fading off on left. Because of my history with this place, I knew what I could not see. But I looked anyway, quiet and content with the unknown in that moment.

Take a "noticing walk" around your yard, aside your garden or across your land. Be quiet and content, accepting the cover of cold, bare soil and snow. You have history with your place and miss what is sleeping. But don't yearn during your walk. Embrace the hidden and unknown.

Nature has a plan. Don't rush it. Enjoy the scene. Honor the mystery.

Foggy Winter Morning

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