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Books We Love

September 10, 2013

At OPN Seed (Ohio Prairie Nursery) we believe education plays a huge role in understanding what goes into creating and maintaining your native plant gardens or prairies. We are always available via our website, Facebook or by giving us a call, but if you are craving more information, books are always a great source to turn to. Today, we are sharing the books that have a special place in our library. Visit your local library to check them out and then grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and curl up and learn how to make your landscapes native or make your current native landscapes even better!

Bringing Nature Home

Author: Douglas Tallamy

Doug Tallamy's book backs up what OPN Seed (Ohio Prairie Nursery) already believes about native plants. Suburban development and the use of nonnative plants has threatened native plants and wildlife to the point that they may cease to exist. Tallamy's book focuses on creating ecosystems with native plants to ensure that it attracts native wildlife and keeps them there. He does so in a manner that is easy to understand and makes it a very attainable goal for your landscape. If you are new to native plants, this book is where to begin!

Wildflowers of Ohio

Author: Stan Tekiela

Stan Tekiela is a naturalist and wildlife photographer who writes a syndicated nature column and appears on a number of nature radio shows. This guide will easily fit into your backpack and offers ease of use for anyone interested in identifying wildflowers on a hike, in a park or field or even in your own backyard! Tekiela's guide gives family, height, flower, leaf, bloom, life cycle, habitat, and range for each plant. The best feature of the book is the ability to look up the flower with the easy to use color indicator!

Newcomb's Wildflower Guide

Author: Lawrence Newcomb 

This is an informative reference guide for the new wildflower enthusiast. Newcomb prides himself on a creating a manual that takes the guesswork out of wildflower identification. This book is for the nature lover with no formal training and with a recommendation from the National Audubon Society and the official endorsement of the Garden Club of America, it is sure to become a staple in your library. The illustrations provided by Gordon Morrison are impeccable but there are no color photos in this guide.

E. Lucy Braun (1889-1971) : Ohio's Foremost Woman Botanist
Her Studies of Prairies and Their Phytogeographical Relationships

Compiled by: Ronald L. Stuckey

If you're looking for a history lesson on native plants then this is the book for you. Dr. Braun was the second woman to earn a PhD from the University of Cincinnati  and the famous botanist who garners the book Woody Plants of Ohio among her work. This book offers a biography of Dr. Braun, a compilation of some of her works and a section on her notes on prairie preserves in Adams County, where she performed most of her work and studies. Dr. Braun was a lifelong Ohio resident and a huge advocate for conservation of natural areas and natural reserves.

The Monocotyledoneae
Cat-tails to Orchids

Author: E. Lucy Braun 

If you're already well versed on native plant species and are looking to learn more, than this in depth read will have you covered. This volume is the first part of Vascular Flora of Ohio and contains taxonomic descriptions of all native or naturalized species of the monocots (plants that contain one embryonic leaf) that occur in Ohio. It encompasses the description, identification, and nomenclature of the plant species. This book is an excellent work of E. Lucy Braun but is not for newbies of the native plant world.

The Dicotyledoneae of Ohio
Part II: Linaceae through Campanulaceae
Part III: Asteraceae

Author: Tom S. Cooperrider 
Author: T. Richard Fisher


Vascular Flora of Ohio concludes with these 2 books. Once again, if you are craving more concise information these books fit the bill.  Part II covers a range of over 700 species of Ohio flora and Part III is exclusive to the sunflower family as it exists in the state of Ohio today. Both books excel as reference manuals.

Our hope is that these books serve you as well as they have to us at OPN Seed (Ohio Prairie Nursery). If you've read any books that we didn't mention, please feel free to leave us a comment or post it on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you and happy reading! Prairie On!

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