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Celebrate National Pollinator Week!

June 17, 2016

By: Jennifer Davit

Throughout the world there are approximately 1000 species of plants grown for human uses, including food, medicine and fibers that rely on pollination to produce the products we use. Pollinators across the globe are suffering from decreasing population numbers caused by threats including loss of habitat, chemical misuse and disease problems. You can learn about this issue in depth here. It is critical that we all work together to help promote and protect pollinators. The United States Senate recognized the need to bring national attention to the issue of pollinator decline and began designating one week each June as National Pollinator Week. This year we will celebrate Pollinator Week June 20-26. This link lists events across the country where you can celebrate pollinators and help preserve this critical ecosystem component.

If you are here in Ohio, the Pollinator Stewardship Council has partnered with the Ohio State Beekeepers Association to organize several events statewide. Hopefully, you can find an event near you where you can have fun learning more about pollinators and how you can help them.

OPN Seed (Ohio Prairie Nursery) serves pollinators each and every day of the year by providing high-quality native seed that is installed across the Midwest. Though all of our seed mixes provide benefits to many pollinators, we have several seed mixes targeted to specific groups. Many of the seed mixes displayed here were developed with different pollinator experts, including the Pollinator Partnership, The Xerces Society and several state beekeeping associations. With the diversity of seed packets available, there is certainly one that will work for your site! If you can only plant one packet, our Fall Pollinator Fuel Seed Packet is a great choice, as it provides the maximum amount of forage for pollinators who are migrating or storing food up before the long winter. If you don't have the space to put in a native wildflower planting, you might consider growing some of the native annuals we sell, which typically provide more resources for pollinators than many of the highly cultivated annuals on the market. You can purchase annuals individually or through our Fast Flowering Annual Seed Packet which is a mix of 3 native annuals and 2 introduced species - all of which provide great forage for pollinators throughout the seasons.

We hope you have a great week and take some time to celebrate our pollinators with us and our partners across the country!

Prairie On!


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