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Construction Surprises

June 22, 2015

We've been doing some construction here at Ohio Prairie Nursery. As most construction projects go, they are planned and then take on a life of their own. We ended up with a temporary low spot that is subsoil mud and clay. It holds water very well, which is kind of a nuisance! However, the silver lining is that we have observed lots of critters taking advantage of it!

We've seen mostly birds, whether they are using the mud for nest materials or taking "bird baths". The most suprising has been a Scarlet Tanager coming down from the treetops to peck around in the dried mud or splashing around in the water. Numerous bees and wasps have also utilized the resource as have some butterflies.

We work with folks to create habitat or to reintroduce native species for their own sake. If you're thinking about, or have already decided to replace some of your resource hungry lawn with native species, consider leaving some open dirt or mud, you'll be surprised what shows up and the good you're doing.

Below is grainy image of the Scarlet Tanager. Image by Nick Kehres-Ohio Prairie Nursery

Scarlet Tanager


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