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Does it Matter?

April 17, 2019

By: Barb Holtz

The short answer? Yes. While there is much concern to be had regarding the environment, I believe we should keep trying. I've witnessed many conservation speakers in my day. I was/am one of them. For me, a conservation speech without hope or inspiration degrades Nature's millenial message of rebirth. Sure, we've made a mess but we also made amends.

The Plain Dealer offers a small environmental news section outlining scientific finds and follies from around the world. Recently, the following was highlighted:

Monarch Butterfly Article

Source: The Plain Dealer

At first glance, one could pass this off as insignificant, faraway and all about wintering habitat conservation. Correct, yes, but short sighted. Monarch butterflies are big picture critters. They travel and are feeding specialists. Wintering habitat is as essential summer-ing. Our backyards and acreage are northern habitat for migrating and reproducing monarchs. What if each of us planted a milkweed patch? Do our gardens matter? I have one word for you - YES!

And guess what? We've got the seed you need! Common, Swamp or Butterfly Milkweed. They're all here! And if your feeling really crazy, the Milkweed Madness Packet has them all!

How to Plant Milkweed

Trowel drop!

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