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Downsize the house...Upgrade the Landscape

January 24, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

Last year, my husband and I took the path of many retired couples - we downsized. We loved our old house and yard. An oasis in an inner-ring Cleveland suburb complete with a bridge over a creek to arrive at our homestead. Ahhh, lovely, somewhat secluded, and urban wild. But it was bigger than required for our empty nest in size and expanse.

As the house hunt began, my husband focused on kitchens and wiring while I perused the landscape. An Emerald Ash Borer infested tree here, an expanse of English Ivy there. More often than not, no native plants but an abundance of the usual sterile garden flora. So many yards, so little creativity and interest. All I saw was more work than fun.

We did move and into a lovely, little house with a beckoning patio and not-so-bad gardens. My inspection during our realtor appointment left me thinking possibilities rather than an eye roll and sigh.  I'd like to share my new yard journey with you. Just how does one make a garden her own? What can stay and what MUST go? (The Rose of Sharon was out and Elderberry in before the moving truck arrived.) Can I live with a "nativar" or does my botanical purist prevail?

Stay tuned as spring arrives as I don my garden jeans and catch dirt under my nails. Let the revisioning of our backyard domain begin!

The Current Situation...

Barb's Backyard January 2018

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