Goldenrods Are Our Friends - Dwarf Goldenrod
Goldenrods Are Our Friends - Dwarf Goldenrod
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Goldenrods Are Our Friends - Dwarf Goldenrod

November 26, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

I could go on and on riding this goldenrod train but will bring the series to a close with Dwarf Goldenrod (Solidago nemoralis). If you're still anxious about adding goldenrod to your suburban yard, consider this plant. Its small stature supports a more traditional looking landscape.

Have that spot that bakes in the sun and dries the soil out quickly? This is the plant for you! That said, Dwarf Goldenrod doesn't completely shy from shade and medium moisture areas. Sprouting 1-3 feet in height, tuck some stems in between shorter border blooms and taller plants in the back garden row.

Golden wands bend as if to call in bees and other bugs to feed. Because flowering extends from mid-summer to mid-fall there is plenty of nectar and pollen for all. These late fall bloomers provide essential late season nourishment and staple food sources for colony bees.

Seed some Dwarf Goldenrod or any of our other Goldenrod species this fall or winter on prepared soil for spring sprouting. Go ahead, welcome a new friend to your yard...Goldenrod!

Small Seeds...Big Results! (Or if you wanted to get technical - results typically reach heights of 1-3 feet!)
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