Goldenrods Are Our Friends - Ohio Goldenrod
Goldenrods Are Our Friends - Ohio Goldenrod
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Goldenrods Are Our Friends - Ohio Goldenrod

October 8, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

Goldenrod basically comes in two "flavors" - plume-topped and flat-topped. This references the inflorescence type or how the bunches of flowers atop the stems are arranged. Ohio Goldenrod (Solidago ohioensis) is the latter. The yellow blooms congregate to create a flat landing pad for pollinators to peruse. And pollinators love goldenrod!

This native Ohioan offers color to wetter areas of your yard but won't shy away from less damp soils. It thrives in full to partial sun. When planning for height, give it a middle to back row in your landscape to handle a 3-6 feet stature. You can count on Ohio Goldenrod for color from late summer well into fall.

Unfortunately, this species is currently out of stock for individual sales, but can be found in some of our mixes. Keep an eye out in early 2019 for availability!

Stay tuned for the next goldenrod in the lineup. This one breaks the two "flavors" mold.

A perfect place for pollinators
The flat landing pad of Ohio Goldenrod
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