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Goldenrods Are Our Friends - Stiff Goldenrod

September 21, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

When we think Goldenrod, our mind often pictures Canada Goldenrod. A beautiful, but agressive native seen in field and meadow. But Goldenrods don't have to be aggressive, tall, yellow or narrow-leaved.

Stiff Goldenrod (Solidago rigida) is easily recognized by its wide, almost succulent looking leaves and flat-topped bottom. Reaching a mid-sized 3-4 feet, this plant thrives in drier full to partial shade conditions, however, moister sites are not prohibitive. The bloom is generous for the height of the plant and reddish stems give additional color to its picture. As the name implies, the stiffness of the stem provides sturdy support for the inflorescense.

As with other Goldenrods, the copious small blooms allow one stop shopping for a wide variety of pollinators. Bees can easily walk over the tiny flowers collecting pollen and sipping nectar. Personally, fall Goldenrod honey is one of my favs.

Sow seed on bare soil in late fall or early winter so it can receive the needed cold treatment offered by winter. Blooming once established lasts late summer into October.

Stiff Goldenrod
Canada Goldenrod

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