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Let's Celebrate National Moth Week!

July 25, 2016

By: Jennifer Davit

The past week in Northeast Ohio was extremely hot and humid, and this balmy weather will continue to linger throughout the next week. The warm temperatures might deter you from getting out and exploring the natural areas in your area, but you might consider venturing out once the sun goes down! Right now, we are celebrating National Moth Week. This event is held annually during the last week of July and is a great time to learn more about these amazing creatures, as the majority of moth species are active at night when it's more comfortable for all of us to spend time outdoors.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife has published this comprehensive field guide to the Moths of Ohio. The stunning photos and great information will certainly inspire you to investigate these often overlooked insects. You will be amazed at the diversity of moth species and their unique beauty. An easy way to view moths in your backyard is to hang a white sheet over a clothesline, shine a large flashlight on the sheet, and then simply wait and observe the moths that come to rest on the sheet.  Several other techniques and methods will help you attract and find moths in your own yard. If you are in Northeast Ohio, Cleveland Metroparks is offering a few upcoming programs about moths that will certainly be fun and educational. Hopefully you can find time to observe these extraordinary insects at home or in a nearby natural area.

Ohio Prairie Nursery developed a special moth edition of our native pollinator seed packets. This unique blend contains a mix of grasses and wildflowers that are especially attractive to moths, including species that bloom nocturnally with pale or white flowers, provide substantial landing platforms for feeding moths, and produce abundant nectar in late afternoon or evening. Though this mix is designed with moths in mind, many other pollinators will take advantage of this beautifully crafted native seed mix.

We hope you are inspired to learn more about moths and find some time to enjoy a summer evening observing these amazing insects. Happy National Moth Week!

Prairie On!

Eight Spotted Forester Moth

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