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Meet My Co-worker: Rattlesnake Master (Eryngium yuccifolium)

August 21, 2017

By: Barb Holtz

Ever have that co-worker that always smells so good? I knew a girl in college who had a signature perfume. Not over powering, just pleasant, the scent was as nice as she was. Or that aftershave glaze on the telephone following an answered call by a male peer. Again, pleasant and defining. I admit...I'm a smeller. You can tell a lot about your surroundings by scent. After all, humans are mammals at the core.

If I was blindfolded in the seed room at OPN and Rattlesnake Master was put before me, I'd know it in a heartbeat. While the seed color and morphology is nothing to write home about, I love the smell. Yep, I'd burn the scented candle if someone made one. It's a fresh, green aroma with a somewhat citrus finish. (As an aside, one of my female co-workers doesn't like Rattlesnake Master's odor. Hi Emily! More seed scented candles for me!)

Beyond the seed, the plant is spectacular. Put down that non native yucca and back away! Native Rattlesnake Master is what you want. Succulent stature with Horton Hears a Who-esque flowers pollinators covet. Not too tall and a truly interesting addition to your landscape.

I never thought about seed smells before joining the OPN team. Who knew?!

Don't you wish this post was scratch 'n sniff? Go ahead, order a seed envelope. You know you want to.

Prairie On!

It All Starts With Seed!
Up Close and Personal!
Rattlesnake Master Plant

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