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Mother's Day Imperfection

May 17, 2017

By: Barb Holtz

When I was young, I often tugged at my mom saying. "I need to do something with my hands/ What can I do?" That was the young biology/art major in me showing her colors. I wanted to dig, draw, or dabble. Mom always fed that creativity and wonder. I am beyond grateful for that.

Every kid should have the opportunity to feed creativity and wonder, especially with their moms. So, I was delighted when my kindergarten-teaching sister invited me to her classroom to explore one of my favorite things...seeds! Being that Mother's Day was just around the corner, we created a gift for each student to present to that special nurturer in their lives. A painted pot, bag of dirt and handful of seeds. A labor of love to plant and watch together.

We then headed the herd of 5-year-olds to a small school courtyard to sprinkle Ohio Prairie Nursery native seeds.* This gift was for bees, buttterflies, and kids. This was a gift for no one and everyone. This was a gift of simplicity and sowing, showing children how Mother Nature does it, one tiny seed at a time.

The painted pots weren't perfect. The seeds won't be planted perfectly in those pots. Some of the sprinkled seeds were sown to close and buried too deep. This imperfectly perfect experience was amazing because kids gave back to two mothers - the human one and the sustaining one. What a joy to be a part of that....Happy Mother's Day!

*Our Fast Flowering Seed Packet was used in this project.

Fast Flowering Seed Mix
The Sprinkling!
Can You Find the Seeds?
Having Fun!

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