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One Patch, Twelve Times: February

February 26, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

Welcome back to my little patch of prairie paradise. last month I shared my goal of photographically capturing nature's transformation through the seasons. How often we forget to take in the show. Come on this journey with me and watch this prairie performance.

January and February don't grab an audience. Yes, there is beauty in winter. In the snow and ice, stories are shaped in tracks and cracks. Hidden stories are spoken in the unseen. This icy tundra is at work. Rest is work.

Frozen water can't be conducted through tissues. The sun may be more directly overhead in winter but summer sun is closer, warmer. Pollinators and migratory birds have flown the coop. All that growth and reproduction requires in unavailable. Rest is the only option. Rest is a good option. Rest is a necessary option.

Spend time in the pictured field below. Rest in it. Allow it to do for you what it does for nature. Give respite. Give hope.

February nature is far from stagnant. Mice scurry beneath snow cover, happy for prairie seeds dropped in fall.  Resident birds nosh on leftovers as well. The wildflowers and grasses are waiting for spring's tease, anxious to begin again.

One Prairie, Twelve Times: February

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