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One Patch, Twelve Times: March, April and May

May 14, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

One Patch, Twelve Times took a hiatus because I couldn't bear to show you what appeared to be the same picture three times. The slow to spring Spring was depressing enough without my help. But, it's here - SPRING! A few warm days and POP goes the buds, or in the prairie's case, the basal leaves. While this sings less than romantic, the ground is where growth is first spied.

The growing node in many prairie plants is actually slightly below soil level to protect the promise of yet another season. This served plants well when fires flared across prairie acres. Flames burned hot and moved quickly, barely grazing that active growth area. Resource managers still use fire today to encourage native growth and discourage invasive as well as woody plants.

This exercise in documenting a patch teaches us often forgotten truths:

  • Nature does what natures does when it does it.
  • Seasons will change.
  • Spring is worth the wait.

Stay tuned for the curtain is up and the show has begun. This is one patch with a story to tell.

March 2018
April 2018
May 2018
It's STARTING! (May Growth)

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