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One Patch, Twelve Times - October

October 19, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

Not unlike many mid-Easterners, October is one of my top three favorite months. The colors, the weather, the wooly bears, the weather, the late fall asters, the weather. It was another misty morning when I took my monthly photo but the bright, gray sky lets the earthly colors sing.

Fall is "get ready" season for nature. Seed sets, monarchs migrate, squirrels gather and roots store. Nature can't afford to procrastinate. Preparation for winter equals survival through winter to spring. This is as true for plants as it is for animals. Plants simply lack the many animal choices - migrate, hibernate, deep sleep or remain active. Roots literally and figuratively limit plant escape or movement to resources. Nature, in her wisdom, gives flora the talent of slow senescence. Autumn quiets growth, winter stores growth and you know the rest.

As this quiet sets in, New England Aster shouts the last hurrah. Brilliant purple dots in and about the browning stems proving that fall should not be dismissed as the "ugh, it's almost winter" season. Slow, see, relish October for its beauty and necessity.

The Patch in October
A Late Season Pollinator Must!
New England Aster - A Staff Fall Favorite

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