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OPN Turns 21!

January 16, 2019

In 2019, Ohio Prairie Nursery turned twenty-one, and thinks it knows everything like most twenty-one-year olds. It no longer wants us to call it Ohio Prairie Nursery and prefers OPN Seed; calls it a truer reflection of “what it is”..…..We thought about it for a while and decided, why not, so now we’re all onboard with OPN Seed.

We reminded Ohio Prairie Nursery that it reached twenty-one with the help of many great customers and that it would be “proper” to let them all know. So, here it goes, thank you all very much for helping and watching it grow for the last twenty years!

The only change is the name - OPN Seed, same great people, same great service, same great products, same great company.

Ohio Prairie Nursery Turns 21 and Gets a New Name - OPN Seed!

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