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Picking a Packet

November 21, 2017

By: Barb Holtz

Choice - exciting if your nose is pressed against the glass at an ice cream shop, not so great if your preschooler insists on choosing his or her wardrobe for the day. What if you're choosing which native seed packet to sow this fall? Now that's downright fun!

All of our packets produce beautiful floral and grassy spreads, but which is the best? That depends. What's your goal? Where are you planting? What's your fancy when it comes to flowers? Can't make up your mind? We've got choices at OPN and we're going to make it easy for you!

It's buy three, get the third free time until November 30, 2017. Whether you treat yourself to native seed or want to give some as gifts (or both!), enjoy mixing and matching your order. Just make sure you have three packets in your cart to take advantage of the offer!  Here are a few of my favorites to get you started.

The Mesic Woodland Edge Seed Packet spreads blooms throughout the seasons. When asked if there are seeding options for shady areas, I suggest this packet for dappled sun situations. Wild Red Columbine, Jumpseed and White Wood Aster are only a few of the stars of this partial shade mix.

Native Short Grass Meadow Seed Packet is a classic. Not too tall and not too short, this mix has it all as graceful grasses provide a backdrop for colorful blooms. Grey-headed Coneflower, Rattlesnake Master and Stiff Goldenrod add interest beyond the more commonly known Purple Coneflower and Milkweeds.

So often we plant for pollinators, but let planting go to the birds. The Song Bird Native Seed Packet is nature's birdfeeder. The bounty of seeds offered in late fall into early winter via this native seed mix deliver a feast to the feathered. A diversity of seeds entices a variety of birds. Sit back and watch the show!

In this season of thanks, Ohio Prairie Nursery appreciates your partnership in planting sustainably and thoughtfully. Native plants honor place and resources. The bees thank you, the butterflies thank you, the birds thank you and we thank you.

Prairie On!

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