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Scouts and Seeds

April 27, 2017

By: Barb Holtz

I had the pleasure of getting down and dirty with a Brownie troop this past weekend as part of a Euclid Creek watershed event. There is nothing quite like watching children dig, discover, and make a difference! The project planted Ohio Prairie Nursery Fast Flowering Seed Packet in a Beachwood Park.

Teamwork brought light work for all as we prepped the site for seeding. Everyone shared tools and tasks. Our senses filled with shredded mulch smells, sunlit squints, bird song sounds and the seed-laden sand sifting through our fingers as we spread the future garden.

Yes, we came together for a "project", but it was so much more. Everything about the day spoke for hope for bees and butterflies, children and nature, clean water and fun! Sowing seeds is about so much more than plants.

Enjoy some pictures from the event!

Wildflowers are awesome!
No better teacher than Barb Holtz!
Working Together!
Our seed cut with sand to help better distribute throughout the seeding area.

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