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Seeds - More Than Meets The Eye

November 8, 2017

By: Barb Holtz

Seed money. Seeds of love. A seedy character. Seedless rye bread. Seeding a garden. The word 'seed' isn't just for plants. It describes business launch funding, a call to compassion, distrust, food choice and of course, plant beginnings. Seeds evoke promise for the most part. At Ohio Prairie Nursery, seeds cradle the promise of a prairie. It's not an easy job but they're just the ones to do it.

As you are well aware, seeds come in as many shapes, sizes and colors as there are plants they produce. The nuances are important and may be the subject of another blog. But for now, let's delve into what seeds do have in common. Basic life-giving structure.

I'll keep it simple...a picture for your viewing pleasure!

Seed coat - protective covering

Embryo (baby plant):

Plumule - first leaves

Hypocotyl - stalk for plumule & radicle

Cotyledon - digest stored food and later come above ground as "seed leaved" to photosynthesize for developing plant.

To a bio nerd, this is exciting stuff! Unshelving my old plant physiology book constituted a stellar afternoon down college 101 memory lane. I realize likely not exciting stuff for my readers. But, I share because of the biology and beauty of it all.

Seeds work for us. They work more importantly for themselves. No seed, no adult plant. No adult plant, no flower. No flower, no more seeds. No more seeds, no continued existence. It's pretty straightforward.

Every seed sown has a commonality in its basic morphology, growth process and goal. Picture seeds throughout this week that cross your path in the garden, on a nature trail or as part of your meal or drink. Take a look at the native grass and native wildflower seeds you may be getting ready to sow in your own backyard. Marvel in their differences and feel grounded in their similarities. Miniscule or monstrous, all impart life. It all starts with seed.

Left to Right:


Lemon Mint

Flat-topped White Aster

Swamp Rose Mallow

Northern Blue Flag Iris

Dense Blazingstar

Compass Plant





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