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Spring in the Seed Room

March 30, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

A sure sign of spring for me is an upswing of orders to fill. With a hint of melt and a whiff of fresh air, seed mix and seed envelope orders arrive. Measure, blend, package and ship from hundreds of pounds to 0.02 ounces of earth's promise of rebirth.

I wonder where each order will go and how it will change a landscape. Certainly the plants offer beauty and function but what of the gardener? When the OPN box or package arrives, is there surprise and longing for the sowing? Is there apprehension for a first time native seeder or an air of familiarity to the veteran spreader? Once seeded, how did the growth go? I wonder if the experience is shared with others in the work or the watching. Did the buyer tell the good news of native plants to family and friends?

I am particularly intrigued when a myriad of single species envelopes is requested. There is something calming in the individuality of each seed species in its own plastic house. Zipped tight so as not to spill, each type to be set free into soil and scenery once delivered. Were they purchased separately to retain garden order or to giveaway? Are the seeds sown separately to really watch, gaze at first leaves and life, in hopes of memorizing first sprout form. I know you know, little plant! I don't have to wonder if you're a weed or not.

Hard to believe one can ponder seed orders with such depth but as I have shared before, I'm kind of a plant nerd in that way. Wondering brings me to long-awaited spring with a smile and sense of accomplishment that in some small way, my measuring and mixing affords beauty and awe to the sower and sustenance to wildlife. Happy to be part of nature's team.

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