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Telephone Talk

May 8, 2020

By: Barb Holtz

A week ago my eyes got misty as I drove to work. My heart sung as my car merged on the highway headed towards Hiram. Hope. It reared it's beautiful head as I headed for the seed room. Distancing and all other COVID protocols in place, it felt good to see each other face-to-face, sorta. This door never looked so good!

OPN Seed Door

As I worked in the mail room, readying packages for your delivery pleasure, I listened as Emily (Marketing/Customer Service guru extraordinaire) answered many a phone call. Thought I'd share the top three bits of native seeding knowledge she offered.


The most important thing you can do, must do, is prep your seeding site. You can either seed directly into bare soil or use our cardboard/mulch method. Don't till if you don't have to. This only stirs up weed seed that can compete with your native seed while it's trying to establish.


If annuals are listed in your mix of choice, it is to give a bit of quick color and cover in the first growing season. Look for Partridge Pea, Lemon Mint, Plains Coreopsis and Indian Blanket to name a bunch. These will feed your "I want it now" gardener inside. It's okay. We all have want as part of our landscape psyche. The annuals get you ready for what's to come.


Once sown, plan on waiting a bit to see the full extent of every species in your mix. It's all about the roots for these native beauties and success takes time. From year one to year three, sit back and enjoy the change as you get to know each new member in your native landscape.

I hope you are communing with nature as you distance. I have certainly had much dirt under my fingernails as of late. Time to pull out my late fall notes and try to remember what I seeded where. Or maybe I'll just be surprised!

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