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The Four P's of Planting Native Seeds Part 4

June 26, 2017

By: Barb Holtz

Following directions may not be your forte. I hear you. Sometimes we need to need live-out-loud, throw-caution-to-the-wind attitude. So, you go girl (or boy) and wing it when constructing that IKEA furniture or getting your Iron Chef on. However, if you're planting a garden with native seed, let's color in the lines for a moment. There are four P's worth your attention in order to achieve your native paradise. And now for the grand finale.....PATIO CHAIR!

The true beauty of native gardening is not solely in the plants themselves but also in the planting of relationships. From prep to planting to tending, you're afforded a front row seat to nature in action. Seasonal turnings, like chapters in books, build a story of seeds passing from sprout to flower to seed again.

Raise your glass of lemonade or beverage of choice to blossoms blooming, bees buzzing, butterflies fluttering and birds noshing. You have done it! Created a natural oasis that mimics the fabric of a wild site. So, pull up a patio chair and bask in its glory. Watch, wait, listen, breathe, wonder and reel in the garden party. Whether sinking into your chair alone, surrounded by serenity, or filling a host of chairs with friends and family to soak in the scenery, the point is the garden goes on whether we're watching or not. Nature's been sustaining life for eons but thanks you for doing something to support its efforts. For caring enough to honor a sense of place and think beyond the lawnmower. Cheers and Prairie On!

This guy's got his priorities straight!

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