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We've Moved! The Saga Continues....

July 11, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

Early this year, I shared the downsizing move of the Holtz house. A new house, a new yard, a new gardening adventure. Here's an update on my journey to making my yard my own and a haven for native flora.

Blueprint of Barb's Backyard

As luck would have it, the previous owner had a design blueprint supplied by the landscape company. It's great to have a map - something to write on, sketch on, dream on. Your map need not be fancy. I've drawn on many a scrap paper and not to scale. This time, I felt like a professional, which I am not. I'm just a suburban gardener that likes getting her hands dirty and a lovely, native landscape. I prefer diversity and interest rather than what I see in many suburban landscapes. Pick the same five to seven plants, group them in an attractive manner over and over again around the yard and mulch.

Barb Backyard July 2018

The hardest part of planning was waiting to see what sprung up as weather warmed. This is an area along the back corner that collects water. My goal here was to alleviate pooling using natives that can handle rain inundation and percolate water into the soil. For quick response, I chose to buy plants rather than seed at this stage. Marsh Marigold and Sensitive Fern for the wettest edge spots. Grey-headed Coneflower, Swamp Milkweed and Monkey Flower worked in among existing Evening Primrose and Iris. I'll sprinkle Royal Catchfly and Swamp Rose Mallow seed later this fall after removing English Daisy and Red Hot Poker Plant. The jury is still out on the Iris. It's lovely, but not native and there is plenty of it.  

When folks find out I like to garden, have knowledge of native plants and work at a "nursery", they often say, "You should come to my yard and tell me what I've got and design what I should plant where." I'm here to tell you, I'm not a designer or even a green thumb extraordinaire. I simply know what I like, research species and do my darnedest to stay committed to Mother Nature in my choices. I garden for myself but mostly for the beauty and bounty beyond me. To honor my place in the whole.

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