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Year Two: My How You've Grown!

May 22, 2020

By: Barb Holtz

As I've previously shared, I'm a grandma of twins...preemie twins. As the saying goes, "days go slow, years go fast" when rearing kids. My grandbabies turn two this month and I am in awe of how far they've come. From NICU to careening down the street into my arms, my two-year-olds are definitely picking up speed. The same is true of my garden two-year-olds. All my seeded babies are growing up strong.

Barb's Grandkids                2nd year Swamp Milkweed Plant               

Two-year-old human sprouts                              Two-year-old Swamp Milkweed Sprouts

Swamp Milkweed, Foxglove Beardtongue and Rattlesnake Master are all making a decided showing. Despite freezing taunts and soaking rains, these babies lack fear. Why? Because that's what natives do! They wait, root first and rise above second, then pick up speed. Even those species I started as plants a couple years ago have returned with a vengeance, ready to impress in flower and girth as weather warms. Year two whets my appetite to seed again come late fall. What other species do I long to nurture?

While I'm full of giddy gardener pride at two-year-old plant success, year three is when I'll relish my plants' persona at their best. This is when natives truly come of age, busting forth with vigor and vim. But I'll enjoy the now of my garden and family, knowing that what comes next may be intended or surprise. Whether human or plant, the beauty is in the experience, the watching and the job of just being present.

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