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LEAD for Pollinators

LEAD for Pollinators

Native plants can make a difference and so can you! OPN Seed is proud to be partnering with LEAD for Pollinators to help create native ecosystems beneficial to honey bees and native pollinators. LEAD for Pollinators is a hive of experienced, diverse, purposeful individuals collaborating for the health and sustainability of honey bees, native pollinators, and the keepers of the ecosystem.

Not sure where to start? Visit our Customer Resources Page or Ask the Prairie Guys. We're here to help!

When you clicked the link from the LEAD for Pollinators website, the promo code needed for your transaction is automatically added at the checkout process.These items below and any other items purchased from OPN Seed using the promo code will help support the efforts of LEAD for Pollinators.

Promo Code: leadforpoll

Featured Products

Eastern Great Lakes Native Pollinator Mix
We've partnered with The Xerces Society to bring you a mix especially designed for Ohio, Indiana, Western Pennsylvania and Western New York. Attract pollinators with this colorful mix crafted to bloom all season long!
Ohio Pollinator Oasis Native Seed Mix
By customer request, larger quantities of the Ohio State Beekeepers Association wildflowers only native seed mix is now available for sale! Customize the size of your pollinator paradise!
Empire State Honey Producers Association Native Wildflower Bee Mix Seed Packet
We've partnered with the Empire State Honey Producers Association to bring you a mix perfect for beekeepers and non-beekeepers alike in New York State.
Empire State Honey Producers Association Shade Bee Forage Mix Seed Packet
Beekeepers with shady areas will love this mix we've created with Empire State Honey Producers Association! (Bees will too!)
Empire State Honey Producers Association Ground Cover Bee Mix
Sometimes, growing conditions may be less than ideal or taller wildflowers will not work. This Ground Cover Mix from Empire State Honey Producers Association addresses both of these concerns and provides safe foraging for bees and other pollinators.
West Virginia Beekeepers Association Native Pollinator Mix Seed Packet
This pollinator mix, created especially for the West Virginia Beekeepers Association, is a blend of native wildflowers. This mix was crafted to bloom spring through fall and benefit bees and beekeepers alike.
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