Dry Soil Native Seed Mixes | Native Botanical Seed Mixes
Dry Soil Native Seed Mixes | Native Botanical Seed Mixes
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Dry Soil Native Seed Mixes

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Dry Soil Native Seed Mixes excel in areas where the water is removed from the soil very rapidly. Dry area seed mixes thrive in sandy areas and sites with stone or gravel at or near the surface of the soil.

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Septic Field Mix
Composed of species that can thrive in gravel areas typically used in tile fields, this mix is functional as well as beautiful. Roots help remove moisture and wildflowers are great for attracting pollinators.
True Colors - Dry by 18 Short Native Seed Mix
Lots of color for drier areas. 19 different wildflowers for blooming beauty from Spring to Fall.
True Colors - Dry by 18 Tall Native Seed Mix
What do you get when you combine tall grasses blowing in the breeze and a multitude of wildflowers blooming all season long? Peace, serenity, wildlife....the list goes on and on....
True Colors- Dry by 18 Mixed Height Native Seed Mix
Habitat helper! Attract wildlife with this mix and its varied grass structure. You'll love it when you see the results!
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