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Just Grasses Seed Mixes

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Native grasses are the foundation of any prairie planting, and in some cases, may be the only species desired. In those situations, we have designed both native short and native tall grass mixes. These can be used in areas that do not need to be mowed, or work for stabilization and erosion control. We've also included our Freedom Lawn, Clover Lawn and Bee Lawn Mixes, non-native options for areas that native material may not be the best solution.

If you have a request for a product not listed, the Prairie Guys can customize a mix tailored to your needs. Contact Us with details on your planting site for more information.

Prairie On!

Mixed Height Native Grass Seed Mix
Create an interesting and diverse grass meadow with a mix of cool and warm season native grasses. Uses for this mix include habitat for wildlife, turf replacement or a privacy barrier.
Warm Season Tall Grass Mix
The trifecta of tall warm season grasses conveniently mixed together. Contains no cool season grasses.
Solar Field Grass Mix
A mix of native grasses and fescues, our Solar Field Grass Mix reduces the need for mowing around solar panels. This mix is a cost effective and good for the environment.
Wind Farm Short Grass Mix
Using a seed mix with native grasses and fescues in a wind farm means less maintenance and resources once established.
Native Short Grass Seed Mix
A mix of native cool and warm season grasses that reaches heights of 2 to 5 feet once established.
Native Tall Grass Seed Mix
Growing between 5 - 7 feet tall, our Native Tall Grass Seed mix contains mostly warm season grasses that reach their peak late summer into early fall.
Clover Lawn Mix
A low growing, lush landscape that you don't have to mow as often and attracts wildlife? Count us in!
Freedom Lawn I
A mix of fine fescue species that develop to form a bunch grass lawn. These species require no additional watering or fertilizers to maintain themselves once established. Mowing is optional.
Freedom Lawn II
This mix contains fine fescue species bunch grass and rhizomatous species that fill in between the bunches. This combination allows for a more traditional look when mowed. These species require little additional watering or fertilizers.
Freedom Lawn III
All the same benefits of our popular Freedom Lawn mixes, but without the Annual Rye.

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