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Mixed Height Native Grass Seed Mix

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Item #: MHNGM01

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Native grasslands are becoming increasingly popular as a means of turf replacement for less mowing and creating habitat for deer, turkey, quail, pheasants, grouse and rabbits. Our Mixed Height Native Grass Mix establishes over 2 to 3 growing seasons and reaches heights of 2 to 8 feet once established.

Tired of mowing large areas? Use this mix as a turf replacement with plant diversity and a range of fall colors.

Establishing food plots for wildlife? Use this as a border mix for habitat.

Looking for privacy? This works great along fence lines and at property lines.

Some things to remember:

  • This is a mix of native perennial cool and warm season grasses. It will take 2 to 3 growing seasons to fully establish and may not reach full heights the first growing season.
  • During the first growing season, this may be mowed high to help keep annual weed pressure down.

Contains the following species:


Elymus virginicus - Virginia Wild Rye

Schizachyrium scoparium - Little Bluestem

Andropogon gerardii - Big Bluestem

Sorghastrum nutans - Indian Grass

Elymus canadensis - Nodding Wild Rye

Bouteloua curtipendula - Side-oats Grama

Sporobolus (compositus) asper - Tall Dropseed Grass

Sporobolus cryptandrus - Sand Dropseed

Tridens flavus - Purple Top

Panicum virgatum - Switch Grass

PLS Pounds Per Acre = 15

PLS = Pure Live Seed

Pure Live Seed is a measure of viable seed stated as a percentage. It is a product of total germination times purity.

Example: 96% Germination x 93% Purity = 89% PLS

All of our native warm season grasses and mixes are sold PLS.

Broadcast seeding is the process of sowing seeds by hand. The seeds are sprinkled into the soil and can be lightly raked into the soil to ensure germination.

Mixed Height Native Grass Seed Mix

Flower Color: Green, Gold, Bronze, Brown

Height: 2 to 8 Feet

Light Requirements: 4 to 6 Hours of Sunlight a Day

Soil Hydrology: Dry to Mesic Soils

Bloom Time: Late Spring through Fall

Plant Type: Perennial

Attracts: Deer, Turkey, Pheasants, Grouse, Rabbits

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