"Prairie in a Packet" Packets | Native Wildflower and Grasses
"Prairie in a Packet" Packets | Native Wildflower and Grasses
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"Prairie in a Packet" Packets

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Ohio Native Plant Month Seed Packet
April is Ohio Native Plant Month! Celebrate by creating a pocket prairie filled with native grasses and wildflowers! Each packet covers approximately 250 square feet.
Empire State Honey Producers Association Shade Bee Forage Mix Seed Packet
Beekeepers with shady areas will love this mix we've created with Empire State Honey Producers Association! (Bees will too!)
Moist Meadow Seed Packet
By customer request, our Moist Meadow Mix is now available in a size that covers areas up to 250 square feet! Moist Meadow thrives in areas that may have standing water in the spring and fall. These species in this mix will help with water run off and erosion control. The grasses provide structure and the wildflowers bring color and pollinator landing pads.
Pond Edge Seed Packet
Smaller ponds will benefit from our Pond Edge Seed Packet. The native grasses and wildflowers in this mix help with soil stabilization and creating a diverse pollinator habitat around water's edge.
20th Anniversary Prairie Packet
20 years of spinning native seed mixes and it never gets old! This seed packet contains 20 native grass and wildflower species that will continue to grow strong year after year.
Native Tall Grass and Wildflower Seed Packet
Create a habitat haven with this seed packet. Grab the binoculars and spy on the creatures that will call your Tall Grass prairie home. We bet they can't wait to move in. Each packet covers approximately 250 square feet.
Native Short Grass and Wildflower Seed Packet
The ultimate prairie in a packet! A blend of the most beautiful grasses and wildflowers that encompass what a prairie is all about. Sustainability, habitat creation and making you a responsible steward of your land. A great place to start if you're new to native plants.
Butterfly / Hummingbird Seed Packet
Butterflies and Hummingbirds unite! This packet is the perfect combination for sitting back and watching wildlife come to you!
Woodland Edge Seed Packet
Got shade? Plant this packet and your shady spot will transform into a rainbow of colors that only wildflowers can provide.
Song Bird Seed Packet
Bird Lovers Rejoice! This is the perfect packet designed to attract birds and keep them coming back all year long!
Eastern Great Lakes Native Pollinator Seed Packet
Attract regionally important pollinators with this seed packet designed in partnership with The Xerces Society.
Pollinator Native Seed Mix Packet -The Moth Edition
Pollinators don't stop just because the sun goes down! This mix was designed to attract moths...our nocturnal pollinators!
Septic Field Mix Seed Packet
By definition, a septic field doesn't exactly make you think of wildflowers. The native seed mix will establish deep root systems that will allow your septic field to perform more efficiently.
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