Upright Coneflower | Native Wildflower Seed Mix | Ohio Prairie
Upright Coneflower | Native Wildflower Seed Mix | Ohio Prairie
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Ratibida columnifera - Upright Coneflower

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Also known as Prairie Coneflower. The large seed head on this flower is particularly palatable for birds once it's mature. Upright Coneflower is a lover of areas with full sun and is considered drought-tolerant.

This species typically blooms early summer and can perform well in areas where the soil is less than desirable. It's an easy to grow species that works well with other native species. Create your own custom wildflower area!

 To order quantities larger than 1 ounce, please call the office at 866-569-3380.


Ratibida columnifera - Upright Coneflower
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