Native Prairie Seed Mix | Native Wildflowers and Grasses
Native Prairie Seed Mix | Native Wildflowers and Grasses
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Seed of Individual Species

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Grasses (Seed)
Look at any prairie planting and you will find that grasses make up 60-70% of their composition. Native grasses add beauty, structure and provide habitat...
Sedges and Rushes (Seed)
Sedges and Rushes are a unique group of plants that add beauty and diversity to prairie plantings. Their unique seed heads are especially attractive to...
Nurse Crops/ReGreen™ (Seed)
Nurse crops are plants that are planted with your native seed mix and can sometimes provide benefits to your planting. Establishment time for perennial...
Wild Flowers - Forbs (Seed)
At OPN Seed (Ohio Prairie Nursery), we're proud to offer over 70 varieties of native wildflowers. Choose from both annual and perennial species to create...
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