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Sporobolus heterolepis - Prairie Dropseed

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Item #: SPO02G
  • Seed Envelope   ($3.00)
  • 1/2 PLS Oz.   ($4.00)
  • 1 PLS Oz.   ($8.00)
  • 1 PLS Lb.   ($120.00)

Prairie Dropseed is a fine-textured bunchgrass with leaves that curve gracefully outward forming large, round tufts.

Delicate fragrant seed heads appear above the tuft in midsummer, rising 2 ft. high.

Fall color is tan-bronze. Prefers full sun and mesic to dry soils.

Found throughout most of the United States and Canada.


What is Stratification?

PLS= Pure Live Seed

Pure Live Seed is a measure of viable seed stated as a percentage. It is the product of total germination times purity.

Example: 96% Germination x 93% Purity = 89% PLS

All our native warm season grasses and seed mixes are sold PLS.

Sporobolus heterolepis - Prairie Dropseed

Flower Color: Green and Gold

Height: 2 to 3 Feet

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Soil Hydrology: Dry to Mesic Soils

Bloom Time: July to August

Plant Type: Warm Season

Stratification: Cold Moist (CM) 30 Days

Attracts: Native Bees

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