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Wet Soil Native Seed Mixes

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Have an area that just won't dry out? Wet Soil Native Seed Mixes are designed for areas that contain high water tables all year long. The species contained in these mixes will grow well in high moisture landscapes.

Want to plant a rain garden? This is the section to find the perfect amount of seed mix for your area.

Can't find what you're looking for? Give us a call at 866-569-3380.

Prairie On!

The "I Have Clay Soil" Seed Mix
Clay soils are a problem no more! This mix of native grasses, sedges and wildflowers can handle less than ideal soil conditions and create long term pollinator habitat.
Too Wet to Mow Mix
Everyone has that area in their yard where the tractor leaves ruts, the mower gets stuck or grass won't even grow. Why? Because it's too wet! Fix the problem with native grasses and wildflowers!
Sedge Meadow Native Seed Mix
Our Sedge Meadow Mix is great for moist pond edge areas or anywhere the soil will hold moisture. It provides a "green" look with shorter growing grass-like sedge species with a few wildflowers sprinkled in for color and attracting wildlife.
Moist Meadow Mix
If you have moister ground and standing water in spring and fall, this is a great native option for you. Containing lots of favorites, this mix will thrive where traditional plantings have trouble. No need to regrade or drain water away, let these guys loose and they will turn a perceived problem area into a cherished part of your property.
Ohio Flood Plain Native Seed Mix
Floodplains are special places. Underwater for long periods of time and high and dry in the heat of the summer. The species contained in this mix grew up in this harsh environment and are seasoned to work to tame your floodplain like area. Great in rain gardens, swales and stormwater basins too.
Rain Garden Native Seed Mix
Rain Gardens are beautiful and beneficial. They adapt well to various moisture condition, improve the quality of storm water runoff and help alleviate flooding and drainage problems. Who knew native plants were so smart?

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