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Summit Soil and Water Conservation District

Summit Soil and Water Conservation District

You can make a difference in your landscape by shrinking your lawn! How? Reduce the amount of yard you mow by creating a native plant garden using high quality native seed from OPN Seed. Summit Soil and Water Conservation district is partnering with OPN Seed to make it easy, fun and beneficial to birds, bees,butterflies, pollinators and people!

Not sure where to start? Visit our Customer Resouces Page or Ask the Prairie Guys. We're here to help!

When you clicked the link from the Summit Soil and Water Conservation District website, the promo code needed for your transaction is automatically added at the checkout process. These items below and any other items purchased from OPN Seed using the promo code will help support the efforts of the Summit Soil and Water Conservation District.

Promo Code: summitswcd

Featured Products

Midwest Wildflower Seed Packet
Create a pocket prairie of long-lasting perennial wildflowers suitable for sunny locations.
Milkweed Madness Packet
The ultimate seed packet to attract Monarch butterflies and their other flighty butterfly friends. Do your part by planting this packet and increase habitat for not only Monarchs, but other native species as well.
Native Short Grass and Wildflower Seed Packet
The ultimate prairie in a packet! A blend of the most beautiful grasses and wildflowers that encompass what a prairie is all about. Sustainability, habitat creation and making you a responsible steward of your land. A great place to start if you're new to native plants.
Rain Garden Seed Packet
Perfect for creating a rain garden in your front or backyard. You'll be the envy of your neighborhood when they find out how beneficial your garden really is. Rain Gardens for everyone on the block!
Woodland Edge Seed Packet
Got shade? Plant this packet and your shady spot will transform into a rainbow of colors that only wildflowers can provide.
Septic Field Mix Seed Packet
By definition, a septic field doesn't exactly make you think of wildflowers. The native seed mix will establish deep root systems that will allow your septic field to perform more efficiently.

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