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West Virginia Beekeepers Association

West Virginia Beekeepers Association

The purpose of the West Virginia Beekeepers Association shall be to promote the general interest in the pursuit of bee culture. This is accomplished by promoting awareness about honey bees, their fight for survival, what can be done to aid their survival and the support of beekeepers.

The West Virginia Beekeepers Association is partnering with Ohio Prairie Nursery to bring you a native seed packet that provides a colorful and safe foraging spot for bees and pollinators alike. This mix was specifically crafted with species native to West Virginia that provide blooms Spring through Fall.

Add a booster pack of either Partridge Pea or Indian Blanket. These fast growing annuals will provide instant gratification while the perennial seeds establish underneath.

When you clicked the link from the West Virginia Beekeepers Association website, the promo code needed for your transaction is automatically added at the checkout process. These items below and any other items purchased from Ohio Prairie Nursery using the promo code will help support the efforts of the West Virginia Beekeepers Association.

Promo Code: WestVirBe


Featured Products

Chamaecrista fasciculata - Partridge Pea
Awesome bee and pollinator plant. Easy to establish annual that reproduces well in most Midwestern prairie ecosystems.
Gaillardia pulchella - Indian Blanket
Pollinators won't be able to resist! It looks like a firework shooting up from the prairie!
West Virginia Beekeepers Association Native Pollinator Mix Seed Packet
This pollinator mix, created especially for the West Virginia Beekeepers Association, is a blend of native wildflowers. This mix was crafted to bloom spring through fall and benefit bees and beekeepers alike.

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