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Your Source for Native Grass & Wildflower Seed

OPN Seed has been your source for native wildflowers, native grasses and native seed mixes since 1998. Here you'll meet our dedicated team who will take the time to help you achieve your native seed goals and use their combined years of experience to help you create an ecosystem that benefits pollinators, support sustainability and beautifies landscapes.

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All orders are currently shipping 3-5 business days from order date. We work to process, package and ship out every order as quickly as possible. We ship orders via USPS and UPS to try and make sure they are received in a timely manner. As you are probably aware, there were often transit delays last holiday season and shipping providers are projecting possible transit delays again this year. Please make sure you order early in time to sow or for gift giving. Thanks for visiting our website and PRAIRIE ON!

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Seed Packets

Whether you call them Pocket Prairies or Micro Meadows, bees, birds, butterflies and other wildlife will call them home. Seed Packets are some of our most popular mixes to plant in smaller areas of your landscape starting at 100 square feet. This is a great place to start if you're new to native plants and gardening.

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Native Seed Mixes

We've designed our seed mixes to cover a wide variety of applications including habitat for birds, bees, pollinators and more, slope stabilization and erosion control, septic fields, partially shaded areas and wet soils. Beautify your landscape, support sustainability and create habitat with our broad selection of native seed mixes.

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Prairie On Blog!

Here's What's Happening in Year Two of our Native Seeding

By: Dave Riddell
The plants have been busy over the winter and spring! Perennials have been putting down roots and starting to emerge to diversify your plot. You should be seeing some more species than you did the first year at this point.
Year two is typically filled with vibrant and beautiful yellow flowers. Black-eyed Susan tend to be the dominant species in the second season as they are mostly...

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Why You Should Grow Native Grasses

By: Barb Holtz
I often feel some folks wince just a little when they read seed mix contents and grasses / sedges are in the line-up. It's like a new food item on the menu. "Hmmm...I'm not sure I'll like that." Generally, our experience with grass is lawn or large, plume-y clumps decoratively placed around office park entrances. Just like native wildflowers or forbs, native grasses or graminoids "work"...

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Prepping a Bed for Seeding

By: Barb Holtz
Late summer I removed a small patch of non-native iris in my yard. While I did my best to sift out rootstock remnants, I decided to play it safe and prep this area for seeding with cardboard and mulch. This method also known as sheet mulching or lasagna gardening helps give your native seed the best chance for success. Here's how to do it...
Native seed requires a clean slate for greatest...

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A wildflower, by definition, refers to a flower growing in the wild without being tended to by people. As a steward of the environment, it's important for you to be informed that not all wildflowers are created equal.

Increased public awareness has paved the way for many seed outlets to market and sell "wildflowers".  A substantial percentage of these "wildflower" species originate from Asia, Europe and places with much different ecosystems. These inexpensive mixes contain mostly annual species and some are considered troublesome weeds that actually displace our native vegetation.

OPN Seed's native wildflower seed is the "REAL DEAL". Our seed mixes include annual and perennial species, native to our region of the United States. They grew up here. They create habitat, support long-term sustainability and beautify landscapes. In short, they belong here! In the event that we include non-native species, it is done for a specific reason (low maintenance, early cover, etc.) and we indicate that they are introduced species.

Over the last 20 years, we have learned and taught a lot about native ecosystems. Our native seed mixes reflect this and we try our best to make ourselves available to answer questions about our products and how to use them. We encourage you to plant native species, to do the right thing and go with the "REAL DEAL", native seed from OPN Seed (Ohio Prairie Nursery).

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