OPN Seed Services

Over time OPN Seed (Ohio Prairie Nursery) has developed processes that allow us to maximize results on the projects we are involved with. The descriptions below outline the services we provide to support your project and ensure that your expectations are met.

We have several standard mixes on our website that are for a variety of sites with different combinations of habitat, height, budget, objectives and soils. In most cases, one of these mixes will work for your project. We put a lot of time trying to balance having enough standard mixes for most situations without having so many it becomes confusing. If a standard mix does not meet your objectives, the following services are available:


Mix Matching

We can duplicate seed mixes that have been put together by engineers, landscape architects and botanists. If you're working with the USDA or NRCS CRP program, we can put those mixes together. If you have a mix, you can email us at with your information and we can get you a quote.

Free Custom Seed Mix Design

Free custom seed mix design is available for mixes starting at 1 lb. and up. We understand that projects can be unique and below is a breakdown of how the design process takes place.

  • Listen - The first thing we do is listen to understand what your objectives are. Native landscapes can vary significantly, and it is crucial that we put together a mix that matches both your objectives and the aesthetic you desire. Often, your project is at your home so making sure you like it is pretty important!
  • Ask - This is where we ask a lot of questions about your site. For example, we want to know about the sunlight conditions, soils, existing vegetation (if any) and hydrology. These are the site factors that will determine what plants can grow on your site.
  • Design - Now we take all the information you provided and design your mix. By analyzing your objectives and the site conditions, we can put together a list of native species that match those criteria. This is where budget comes into play. Certain species are more expensive than others. Understanding your budget helps us put together the best version of the mix possible. Some mixes have over 30 species with a wide range of costs. Seed counts of seed mixes vary significantly too. While one species may have 100 seeds per ounce, another may have 1 million! Paying attention to the different seed counts is important to get good species diversity in your mix.
  • Review - We want you to be a part of this process. Once we have the draft mix design done, we email it to you along with your quote. This gives you the opportunity to review and provide us with any feedback and questions.

Think a custom seed mix is right for you? Contact Us to get started!


OPN Seed can provide seed selection and site evaluation consultations remotely. We ask that you give us a call at 866-569-3380 during normal business hours or Contact Us and we'll get back to you within 3 to 5 business days. 

For commercial consultations please give us a call or email us:

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