First Year Native Seedings: We've Got Flowers!

Here we are in late July and we finally have some flowers! Black-eyed Susan, Indian Blanket, Partridge Pea and Lemon Mint have bloomed and are ready to host our pollinator friends. The weather has been hot and dry which has likely lead to slow growth this season. Remember, we haven't done any watering or weeding in this plot. 

The weed pressure is the same or less as we have seen earlier in the growing season. You can start to see the native species growing over the undesirable plants to establish. This is why we don't recommend disturbing the site by pulling the undesirable plants.  We should see more flowers as the summer progresses. Also, the perennial species are actively putting down roots in the soil to star in the show next year. There is always work being done even when it may not seem like it. 

First Growing Season Blooms