Installing Eco-Friendly Lawn Alternatives In Late Summer

Soon the sun will feel just a little bit different and our nights will get a little bit cooler. In the Midwest, the end of August through the early part of October is a great time to seed our Clover Lawn Mix, Bee Lawn Mix or any of our Freedom Lawn Mixes.

Why is late summer into early fall a great time to plant an Eco-Friendly Lawn Alternative like Clover Lawn Mix or Bee Lawn Mix?

  • Moderate Temperatures. The days are still warm, but the nights are cooler and produce dew that helps to keep the seed moist and encourage germination.
  • Lawn Enhancement. If your lawn is looking brown, dry or patchy, over seeding with one of these mixes can help fill it in. The clover species in the mixes are nitrogen fixing, which can help improve soil health and reduce the need for conventional fertilizers.
  • Reduced Mowing. Were you sick of mowing by the time June rolled around? Once established, any of these Eco-Friendly Lawn Alternatives can be mowed less and can come with cost savings in the form of reduced fuel, fertilizer and water.

Seeding these mixes is easy! We include planting instructions with every order. You'll just have to decide which mix works best for your landscape. Let's break down a few of them.

  • Clover Lawn Mix. Our best seller and for good reason! This is a mix of short growing clovers and fescues. The clovers create a nice, lush landscape that is low growing and attractive to pollinators and the fescues fill in between the clovers to help with structure and stability. If not mowed, will reach overall heights of 6-12 inches. Seed in areas that receive at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight a day. Can tolerate moderate foot traffic and pet urine.
  • Bee Lawn Mix. A similar concept to our Clover Lawn Mix, but with added species that are low growing and high flowering. We include not only clovers and fescues, but Selfheal, Creeping Thyme, Yaak Yarrow and Blue-Eyed Grass that research has shown are important for bee foraging. Works great in both new lawn installations and over seeding applications. Average growth is between 6-12 inches once established. Seed in areas that receive at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight a day. Can tolerate moderate foot traffic and pet urine.

Both of these seed mixes work great in new lawn installation and over seeding existing lawns. This is a great way to introduce flowering species into your lawn without the effort of a complete lawn replacement. Just keep in mind, if over seeding into an existing lawn, it may take a little longer to establish.

Like the idea of an eco-friendly lawn, but not you, your kids or pets stepping on bees? Check out our Freedom Lawn Mixes. A mix of fine fescues to enhance your lawn and reduce mowing. These are great options for high traffic areas.

All of our Eco-Friendly Lawn Alternatives contain high-quality, tested seed with more species diversity and no filler added. No matter the size of your area, seeding one of these mixes will help you cultivate a low maintenance environment that is the perfect complement to one of our native seed mixes or seed packets.

Not sure if one of these mixes will work for your yard? Contact Us!

Please note: In other parts of the country, the optimal time to seed may vary. Please reach out and we can help identify your best time to seed.