Reasons to Plant Eco-Friendly Lawn Alternatives

Not sure what to do with your yard? You don't want to mow anymore and all that turf isn't doing anything for anyone! My first recommendation is to convert it all to a native prairie or meadow. For some, that is feasible and a great way to subtract the mow and add the grow. For others, sometimes local laws and cranky neighbors don't make that an option. Municipalities typically have maximum grow heights for vegetation. We recommend contacting your local officials to identify the rules in your hometown so that you can plan and plant accordingly. But, for most folks who live in suburban or urban areas, you need to find a way to enhance your yard that may not exclusively include native plants. Need some short growing native plant options? Check out some recommendations here.

We've received a lot of calls from people that were in the predicament described above. They wanted to do something, but weren't sure how or where to start. So, we produced two mixes that provide some foraging for bees and other insects, but also meet most laws and regulations.

First up is our Clover Lawn Seed Mix. This mix contains a nice mix of short growing fescue grasses and clovers. The overall height is 12-18 inches if not mowed. Mowing a few times early in the season can help train the clovers to flower lower and prevent future mow events. Sowing in the spring and late summer are ideal to take advantage of moderate temperatures. Clover Lawn will tolerate full sun and partial shade.

Our Bee Lawn Seed Mix is a similar concept as our Clover Lawn Mix with a few added species. Selfheal, Creeping Thyme and Yaak Yarrow add some purple and white flowers that research has shown are important for bee foraging. The overall grow height is 6 inches to 1 foot. Mowing tips, seeding time and sunlight conditions are the same as the Clover Lawn.

The flowering species in these eco-friendly lawn alternatives will get the bees buzzing! They are a great turf lawn replacement or enhancement. Both the Clover Lawn Mix and Bee Lawn Mix can be seeded over your existing lawn. Over seeding these mixes is a great way to introduce the flowers without the effort of a complete lawn replacement. Just keep in mind if over seeding into an existing lawn, it may take a little longer to establish. New homeowner? Start off on the right foot by focusing on your family and not your mower. The bees (and your back!) will thank you!

Like the idea of a low-maintenance lawn, but don't want the kids or dogs stepping on bees? Check out Freedom Lawn I, Freedom Lawn II or Freedom Lawn III. All great options to reduce mowing and make a positive impact on the environment.

Seeding these mixes is easy! We include planting instructions with every order and you can learn how to plant eco-friendly lawn alternatives here.

Not sure if one of these mixes will work for your yard? Contact Us!