Seed Guarantee

We get asked all the time - do you guarantee your seed to grow? Here's the answer -

We guarantee that the seed we sell is of the highest quality and we have tests from seed laboratories to support that. We guarantee that if you contact us and want help, we'll spend the time needed to try and make your project successful. We want all your projects to turn out amazing. If objectives are not being met, we take it personally and want to make it work. We take it so personally we often wake up in the middle of the night with ideas. So, if you get a 3 am email, don't be concerned. We do sleep.

With that said, we cannot guarantee the seed will grow at your site. Mother Nature is in charge and there are too many variables that are outside our control. Trust us, most of us are control freaks and would control them if we could. Soils, hydrology, precipitation levels, weather patterns, wildlife, installation errors, species selection, neighbors, salt run-off from roadways, etc can all lead to seeds not growing or not growing in your timeline. You get the idea. We work hard and are committed to offering quality seed, but we cannot guarantee the seed will grow on every site and under all circumstances.

Please don't read this and be discouraged. Most seeds grow into beautiful plants and meet your objectives. Combined we have over 100 years experience to share with you and we put that information on our site and in our communications. All you have to do is contact us and ask for help!

Appreciatively Yours,

The OPN Seed Family