Seed Packets

Creating your own prairie is easy! Read our blog post detailing how you can use cardboard or newspaper and mulch to create a native seed bed or watch our YouTube video! No laughing at our camera skills! We're seed people!

If you're new to native gardening or have a small area you want to add color and beauty to, then our native seed packets are perfect for you!

Call them "Pocket Prairies" or "Micro Meadows". Bees, birds, butterflies and more will call them "home".

Several mixes are available and are designed to attract wildlife, create rain gardens, and help you cultivate a landscape that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Most Seed Packets will cover approximately 250 square feet. The Milkweed Madness Packet, Diverse Perennial Wildflower Seed Packet, Red White and Blue Native Wildflower Seed Packet and the Woodland Wildflowers Seed Packet will cover approximately 100 square feet. 

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