Slope Pollinator Native Seed Mix

Slope Pollinator Native Seed Mix

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Our Slope Pollinator Native Seed Mix is composed of native grasses and native annual and perennial wildflowers. Typical establishment time for this native seed mix is 2 to 3 growing seasons with the annual species in the mix typically germinating and flowering the first growing season. The deep root systems of native plants anchor into the soil, stabilizing it and helping to prevent runoff. 

Moderate slopes may benefit from using an additional cover crop. In this case, Regreen™ may be a good option. If you have questions on whether or not your site needs a cover crop, please Contact Us

The perennial native grass and wildflower species provide a long term solution for pollinator habitat on slight to moderate slopes and erosion control applications.

This mix requires at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight a day and can handle variable moisture conditions. Please factor in weather conditions when selecting a seeding time for this mix.

Contains the following species:

Grass and Grasslike:

Elymus virginicus - Virginia Wild Rye 

Andropogon gerardii - Big Bluestem 

Sorghastrum nutans - Indian Grass 

Schizachyrium scoparium - Little Bluestem

Panicum virgatum - Switch Grass 

Elymus canadensis - Nodding Wild Rye 

Agrostis perennans - Autumn Bentgrass 


Echinacea purpurea - Purple Coneflower

Chamaecrista fasciculata - Partridge Pea

Coreopsis lanceolata - Lanceleaf Coreopsis 

Ratibida pinnata - Yellow / Grey-headed Coneflower

Rudbeckia hirta - Black-eyed Susan

Gaillardia pulchella - Indian Blanket 

Achillea millefolium - White Yarrow

Coreopsis tinctoria - Plains Coreopsis

Rudbeckia triloba - Brown-eyed Susan

Monarda fistulosa - Wild Bergamot 

Monarda citriodora - Lemon Mint

Silphium laciniatum - Compass Plant

Bidens aristosa - Tickseed Sunflower 

Solidago rigida - Stiff Goldenrod 

Silphium perfoliatum - Cup Plant 

Aster novae-angliae - New England Aster 

Penstemon digitalis - Foxglove Beardtongue

Aster laevis- Smooth Aster

Asclepias tuberosa - Butterfly Milkweed

Coreopsis tripteris - Tall Coreopsis 

Seed Info

PLS Lbs Per Acre Broadcast= 15 

PLS=Pure Live Seed

Pure Live Seed is a measure of viable seed stated as a percentage. It is the product of total germination times purity.

Example: 96% Germination x 93% Purity = 89% PLS

All of our native warm season grasses and seed mixes are sold PLS.

Broadcast Seeding is the process of sowing seed by hand. The seeds are sprinkled into the soil and can be lightly raked in to ensure germination.

This mix of native grasses and wildflowers typically grows to a height of 3 to 6 feet. Please note that each site is unique and that several factors can affect overall height. These factors include sunlight, hydrology and overall soil health.

Product Details

Flower Color: Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, White

Height: 3 to 6 Feet

Light Requirements: At Least 4 to 6 Hours of Sunlight A Day

Soil Hydrology: Dry to Wet Soils

Bloom Time: June through October

Plant Type: Annual/Perennial

Attracts: Native Bees, Butterflies, Birds and People

Product Code: SNPM01

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