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Mesic (Medium) Soil Native Seed Mixes

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Mesic refers to an area that contains "average" soil. Simply put, the area where the prairie would be planted is neither wet or dry.

Most of our seed mixes, especially the ones designed to attract pollinators and and songbirds, are designed to thrive in mesic soils. 

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Prairie On!

ONPM Pocket Pollinator Garden Seed Mix
New for 2021! A Pocket Pollinator Garden...but make it big! We've teamed up with our friends at Ohio Native Plant Month to bring you larger quantities of the Pocket Pollinator Garden. Perfect for those wanting to keep their wildflower gardens a little on the shorter side.
ONPM Fast Flowering Seed Mix
New for 2021! Plant these annual wildflowers with your ONPM Pocket Pollinator Garden Seed Mix to act as a cover crop and provide pollinator foraging the first growing season.
20th Anniversary Prairie Native Seed Mix
20 years of creating sustainable native ecosystems that positively impact the environment and still going strong! We think you're going to love this native seed mix!
Eastern Great Lakes Native Pollinator Mix
We've partnered with The Xerces Society to bring you a mix especially designed for Ohio, Indiana, Western Pennsylvania and Western New York. Attract pollinators with this colorful mix crafted to bloom all season long!
Fall Pollinator Fuel Native Seed Mix
Sometimes, we all need a little boost and that's exactly what this mix does for pollinators in the late summer and early fall. A mix of mostly perennial wildflowers that provides foraging for bees and butterflies gearing up for migration and winter.
Mixed Height Native Grass Seed Mix
Create an interesting and diverse grass meadow with a mix of cool and warm season native grasses. Uses for this mix include habitat for wildlife, turf replacement or a privacy barrier.
Butterfly / Hummingbird Mix
Milkweed for Monarchs! Designed to attract butterflies and hummers. Works like a charm!
Song Bird Mix
Plant a bird friendly perennial landscape with our Song Bird Mix. This mix contains some shorter growing native grasses for habitat and a variety of native wildflowers that provide seed sources for birds.
Pond Edge Mix
Pond edges can lack plant diversity and be prone to erosion. Once established, this mix provides foraging for native bees, helps with soil stabilization and creates interest with beautiful blooms summer through early fall.
Woodland Edge
Woodland edges typically see lower light levels and dappled sun throughout the day. This mix contains species typically found at those edges and will need at least 4 hours of sunlight a day.
Ohio Native Plant Month Mix
April 2020 marks the FIRST Ohio Native Plant Month and we're celebrating with a mix of some of our favorite native grasses and wildflowers!
Ohio Pollinator Oasis Native Seed Mix
We worked with the Ohio State Beekeepers Association to create the ultimate mix of annual and perennial wildflowers for bees and other pollinators. Annuals for first year color and perennial wildflowers that bloom spring through fall once established mean lots of foraging for bees.
Mixed Height Native Grass and Wildflower Seed Mix
Creating a diverse prairie is easy with this mix. We've added cool season grasses for structure and stability early in the growing season and tall warm season grasses like Indian Grass and Big Bluestem for interest and beautiful green and bronze colors. A variety of perennial wildflower bloom throughout the growing season.
Midwest Wildflower Mix
Creating a wildflower garden is easy with the perfect mix of annual and perennial species suitable for sunny locations in the Midwest.
Native Short Grass Seed Mix
A mix of native cool and warm season grasses that reaches heights of 2 to 5 feet once established.
Native Tall Grass Seed Mix
Growing between 5 - 7 feet tall, our Native Tall Grass Seed mix contains mostly warm season grasses that reach their peak late summer into early fall.
Native Short Grass and Wildflower Seed Mix
Imagine walking through your own meadow made up of the perfect mix of native grasses and wildflowers. Reaches heights of 3 to 5 feet.
Native Tall Grass and Wildflower Seed Mix
Tall grasses and wildflowers reach finished heights of 5 - 7 feet and look spectacular in late summer into early fall when the grasses are at their peak. Wildflowers bloom throughout the growing season and provide habitat and foraging for pollinators.
East Coast Pollinator Seed Mix
We've designed a mix of native grasses and wildflowers to attract pollinators on the east coast of the US.

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