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Meet My Co-workers!

July 17, 2017

By: Barb Holtz

My "office" is on the unusual side. Yes, it has a computer, printer, a desk of sorts, pencil & pens organizer, but my coworkers like the room cold (55 degrees) all the time and don't speak to me all day. Sound hostile? Not at all!

The "seed room" at Ohio Prairie Nursery is my place to hang. As orders come in, I fill them by visiting a myriad of bins loaded with seeds of all shapes, colors and sizes to dip out and measure exactly what the customer ordered. The seeds are my colleagues. While our relationship is literally chilly and silent, without them OPN couldn't change the landscape for pollinators and you, one yard at a time.

 As you well know, flowers produce fruit and fruit contain seeds. (Actually, you'd be surprised how many adults aren't sure what the job of a flower is.) We harvest thousands of pounds of seed each year from hundreds of plant species. No small task even though some seeds are the size of a dust particle. Each seed contains two things: A new plant and hope. Under the right conditions of soil, water and sun, both plant and hope sprout.

Stay tuned throughout the year to meet some of my coworkers. Admittedly, some I like and some are not my fav. Some are pleasing to the eye and some are a dirty mess. Some smell refreshing and some like dirty gym socks. But, hey, at least none of them talk back to me or spread office gossip. (Neither do my human coworkers and they make coming to work a pleasure!)

Staff Picture! (Some blends create a lovely, quilt-like pattern that I enjoy before blending.)

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