Baptisia australis - Blue False Indigo

Baptisia australis - Blue False Indigo

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Make room for Blue False Indigo (Baptisia australis) in your landscape! One of the first native plant species to bloom here at OPN, it's bright bluish-purple flowers are a welcome indicator that spring is here and more native plant bloom are on the way!

Blue False Indigo can be somewhat bushy, but can be easily maintained with management. It is considered deer resistant. Looking for some other deer resistant native plants? Try Little Bluestem, Purple Coneflower, Narrow Leaved Mountain Mint, or Wild Senna.

Produces a seed pod that turns black when ready to harvest. Give it a gentle shake to hear the seeds rattling around!

This perennial prefers mesic, well-drained soils and full sun and blooms anywhere from April through July.  Typical growing heights are 3 to 5 feet tall by 3 feet wide.

How To Plant Blue False Indigo Seeds:

Direct sow seeds into prepared soil in late fall once soil temps are below 50 degrees (usually mid to late November). Can also be planted in winter during natural freeze/thaw cycles and early spring. Plant shallow, no deeper than 1/8 to 1/4 inch deep and lightly rake to work seed in. Plant in full sun. Can take 3 growing seasons to fully establish.

What is Stratification?

Seed Info

Seed Envelopes contain approximately 0.02 ounces of seed and cover about 5 to 10 square feet. 

Product Details

Flower Color: Blue and Purple

Height: 3-5 Feet Tall by 3 Feet Wide

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Soil Hydrology: Dry to Mesic Soils

Bloom Time: April through July

Plant Type: Perennial

Stratification: Cold Moist (CM) 15 Days

Attracts: Bees, Pollinators

Product Code: BAP01F