Dalea purpurea - Purple Prairie Clover

Dalea purpurea - Purple Prairie Clover

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Purple Prairie Clover is an essential native wildflower if you're a beekeeper or creating your own pocket prairie.

Found in prairies, road right of ways and open areas. A great plant for wildlife food and habitat. Fixes nitrogen into the soil.

Purple flowers stand out during the blooming period. Currently found in the central United States, absent from the coasts.

Seed Info

Seed Envelopes contain approximately 0.02 ounces of seed and cover about 5 to 10 square feet. 

Product Details

Flower Color: Pink or Purple

Height: 1 to 3 Feet

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Soil Hydrology: Dry to Mesic Soils

Bloom Time: July to September

Plant Type: Perennial

Stratification: None

Attracts: Bees, Butterflies

Product Code: DAL01F